Featured Image Generator

Generator of simple featured images by Infinity Blogger


Hello Guy, Welcome to Featured Image Generator, Featured Image Generator allows developers to create a simple but attractive Featured Image for your articles, which you can publish on google with thinking of COPYRIGHT STRICK. This tool will generate a PNG image based on Google's guidelines for the Feature Graphic Featured Image Generator is easy to use and you can easily create Featured Images, customize sample templates, or make fresh ones from scratch. You can create simple Featured Images by combining an icon and gradient backgrounds. Featured Image Generator is great for making featured images for blogs like WordPress or Blogger, various hero header images, profile banners, logos, highlight covers, and so on. And Featured Image Generator is the best Featured Image Generator for technology blogs because it supports many technology icons!

Supported icons

Icon Picker is supported only for Font Awesome Free v5.6.3.


System requirements

It is checked to work on the following browser's latest versions.